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About the ''UNSEEN'' society

Unseen society is referred to the group of people dealing with mental health problems.

Todays day more and more people are fighting demons without anyone knowing. They are scared to talk about their problems because people will make them feel ''weak'' if they do. The longer they keep their problems to themself the bigger the chance of long term mental and physical issues.

The goal is to convince the world that mental health issues are something that needs to be taken more serious, talked more openly about and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

- Yordy Baglieto

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Donating to charity!

Did you know UNSEEN SOCIETY donates 5% of all incoming order to charities that are focussed on Mental Health Awareness?

This means that wearing our products doesn't only make you look extremely good, you also automatically do a good deed by wearing it!

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